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Ultimate splatter paint experience of playing with paints & paintballs for two as we will take care of coveralls, paint, canvas & paint balloons

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At Splatter Place, everyone’s an artist. You don’t need any experience in painting, just come long, have some fun and see what you create! 

We offer a range of party packages, perfect for one, two, or more. So grab your special someone, your best pal, a group, or just head on down yourself and get messy with us!

Paint Splash Single

Kids welcome!

The OG package. Just you, a canvas and a whole lot of paint to throw. Let your creativity run wild, and paint like no one’s watching. Our Splatter Place paint splash single booking is just $52, including your blank canvas, brushes, paint, and protective coveralls for your clothes, shoes and hair. Don’t stop here, It is the perfect stress buster and creative outlet. Finally, a place where throwing paint at the walls is encouraged. Go wild with our paint splash and let it rain colour.

Not sure where to start? Our friendly splatter art staff can offer some tips and tricks for paint flinging, throwing and splattering paint, or if you’re feeling confident you’re welcome to experiment and just go for it!

Paint Splash for Two

Looking for a date night idea that’s sure to be something different? Or why not create a matching masterpiece with your bestie, that you can each take home? Our Paint splash for two package is the perfect duo deal for you and your special someone. You can even bring mum or dad down for a bit of family fun, to celebrate a birthday, mothers or fathers day or just to catch up.

There’s no wrong way to splatter, it’s what you make it. Best of all, you can choose to create your masterpieces together or throw paints as you want, there are no limits of paint rain. Our Paint Splash for Two package is $99, including two canvases, your paint supplies, brushes for two,  matching coveralls and best of all, paint balloons to throw. 

Splash Party of four

Drip, Splatter, Splash And Spray — Splatter Anyway You Like.

Get the gang together, this is the ultimate group activity. Protected by your coveralls, you and three of your nearest and dearest can go wild with paint. You can fling, splatter, flick, dollop, spray or smear, it’s up to you.
Perfect for families, birthdays, work groups and friends, our Party of Four package is just $184, with the four individual canvases, all of your paint and brush supplies for the group, alot of paint filled balloons and four coveralls — you’re ready to get splattering even on each other, canvases, our walls wherever you want!

Pay a little extra to get an extra large canvas and ask our friendly splatter painting team for some tips on creating the ultimate mega canvas as a group, or just head in and see what your creativity unleashes.

Picking up my masterpiece

Canvases will take 24-48hours to dry, and can be collected from our studio or delivered to you (postage fee is $10).

  1. Canvas Delivery  It takes 24-48 hours for the painting to dry. We can keep your canvas for up to 2 weeks to be picked. We can also deliver your canvas locally anywhere in Sydney for an extra charge of  AUD 15
  2. Children under 4 can share the standard package with an adult, however, they will have to pay AUD 10 for the coveralls.
  3. Bigger canvas Bigger-sized canvas is available to buy on the day. Please enquire staff for the available sizes and price.
  4. Extra paint Need additional paint or a new colour? extra paint for AUD 3

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