Why Splatter

What to expect?

Drip, splash, splat, spin, spray, mess, create. It’s all about having fun with paints. No rules no boundaries! amaze yourself by creating your own masterpiece.
Pick a brush, some paint and see your inner self come alive on the canvas board, you never know you might just surprise yourself.
It’s easy as 1,2,3!
Book a slot.
Walk-ins are always welcome, but we request you to book ahead in order to avoid disappointment due to the social distance rules and space constraints.
Tips and tricks.
Our staff at Splatter Place will give you a short briefing about the different tips and techniques you can work with, just to get you in the groove to enjoy your splattering experience.
Time to Splat!!!
Whether you wanna hang your canvas on the wall or just use the table, it’s your choice. Choose from a variety of tools and use them in ways you never imagined. Your splatter your choice!
Canvas complete!
Being an artist, you will know when your piece is complete and what makes you happy. Leave it on the racks to dry. Left with paint feel free to splatter our walls or ask for an extra canvas.
It takes up to 48 hours for the painting to dry. You can pick it later or we can deliver it to your doorstep for a small charge.


01.Which paints do I get?
We’ll provide you with high quality, child-safe tempera paint. These are odourless, chemical free, eco-friendly, nontoxic paints, made to highest standards.
02.What exactly do we paint at Splatter place?
What you paint is your free choice. Use your imagination to spread colours on your canvas. Left with paint you are even free to splatter our walls with some colour, every mark on our wall will be memorable for us.
03.Are there any special art classes at Splatter Place?
Splatter Place does not conduct any art class on a regular basis. You’ll learn by your own splatters. However, we will be giving you some tips and briefings at the beginning of your session just help you find your inner artist. If there is anything else you want to ask, we are always there to help you create a masterpiece.
04.Is it a washable paint?
Yes, it is washable but it may leave a stain on clothes if left for longer period. We do provide protective coverall and shoe covers so you worry less. These do help protect your clothes to some extent! Soak your clothing immediately once you get home, or just come dressed in clothes you don't mind getting stained!
5Is it hard to wash off from skin or hair?
No, it will wash off easily.
6Can I book the place for parties?
Yes, you can. Send us email or call for details. We’ll definitely work our best to make it a memorable event for you.
7Is food allowed?
We request no food or drinks in the studio. Should we book online or do you accept walk ins? Walk-ins are welcome but we do request to book ahead to avoid disappointment due to safe distancing rules.
8Are there any shared packages?
All basic packages are meant for one. However, an adult can share with a child under 5, but it'll be an additional AUD10 for protective wear and tools.
9Is there a time constraint?
All our slots are 1 hour long. With your canvas you know when to stop or you may run out of paint. However, if you are left with paint consider our walls your canvas.
10Is photography allowed?
Yes, most definitely! We encourage you to take photos and please tag us on FB and IG. However, we do not responsibility of your personal belongings (phones, wallets etc)
11Do I take my canvas right away or can I leave it to dry out?
It takes up to 48 hours to dry but they are yours to take home. We can only keep them for up to 2 weeks. Delivery can be arranged for AUD15 to one location, up to 5 canvases.
12Rules or no rules?!?!
No splashing water, running around or tracking paint outside the studio. Don’t stand atop the tables or benches. No throwing paint on other people’s canvas unless you have asked their permission. Just a few basic rules for the purpose of our insurance.


Paul Jefferson

Splatter Place is definetly a place to boost your creativity! 5 Stars

Helen Reeves

A long awaited fun finally in Sydney!

Joseph Bridges

I went and had the best painting experience of my life. There is even a pendulum! No need to clean up the mess and no fear of getting dirty! It’s a way of painting freely. No rules. No boundaries! I was allowed to paint the walls, and the floor. I could even take my canvas home! Best Experience Of My Life! Ever!

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